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Teaching your managers to coach.

Posted by Julia Milner on May 29, 2017 in Blog

Teaching your managers to coach.
So you are a manager a leader a supervisor you want your workload to drop, you want to stop working as hard as you are at this point in time. Sometimes you are waking up and you are really feeling overwhelmed by the day ahead. What do we know makes a difference? the number one factor that we know will make a difference for you is learning to coach your employees, coach your direct reports, coach the people who you supervise, getting them inspired to the level where they give discretionary effort where they actually work to their maximum level so they become the best version of the employee that you want them to be thats what we know works
But, coaching is not everything, coaching is not a universal panacea. Don’t believe those coaches and those personal development folks who tell you you can be absolutely anything you want to be and your employees can be anything you want them to be, thats patent nonsense. If your are four foot five you are never going to be a world class basketball player end of story, and its much the same in the workplace you can help people become the best version of themselves within the workplace but thats the limit of what coaching can do. But again there is another challenge which is most coaching frameworks were not designed to be used within a workplace environment, so many coaches, many coach trainers, many organisational support folks will teach people a model that is limited in its ability to translate into the workplace environment. They will teach people to coach like an external coach would do but thats not the reality for you. The reality for you is that you have different information you have different responsibilities different challenges to the external coach so you need to be taught by somebody who has done it, you need to be taught by somebody who has got demonstrable results in the workplace environment, you need to be taught by somebody who understands the challenges.
If you are coaching Billy today and then you are disciplining him tomorrow what does that actually mean? If you are coaching Wendy today and you know she is far more capable that she says she is what does that mean?
I can teach you a way to do this and I will share with you over time how to do it.