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So you are interested in coaching your staff! how?

Posted by Julia Milner on Jun 5, 2017 in Blog

Struggling to motivate your team, struggling to get your direct reports to perform at their personal best, struggling to get people going through difficult times. These are the challenges that face managers and leaders across planet earth.

In our ever complex world of business and organisational dynamics people are really struggling to get the best out of everybody in their organisation. And what is being recommended to most is to use a coaching methodology, people are being told all the time if you coach your direct reports if you coach your employees, if you coach your staff then you will see people perform at a higher level.

Absolutely true, fantastic, great piece of advice, but, and but is really important here, most methodologies of coaching do not take into account the complexities of working within an organisation, the complexity of a managers direct relationship with the person they are trying to coach. So as an external coach I can come into an organisation and George says “Alex I need to work on this and get better on this in order that I can perform well within this workplace” and I am happy with that, “no problem, lets go George, lets work on that”. But you are George’s manager, your’e George’s direct supervisor and you know that the team need him to work on something else, that maybe George’s personal priority, but for the team, for the organisations department to move forward George needs to up skill somewhere else first.

So most methodologies don’t take something like that into account, LEADER does. The LEADER Model was developed through the International Centre for Leadership Coaching to directly address the challenges that face, How do you coach within an organisation? How do managers and leaders use coaching as one tool in their tool set?

So what LEADER will not do is train you to be a full time coach, what LEADER will not do is say that coaching is the answer to everything. What it will do is give you the skillset to coach your direct reports, to coach your employees, to coach your team members, and, it will take into account the practical difficulties that go with that.

There are challenges. It is unfair and unrealistic to tell managers that you can just coach people and everything will be fine. Sometimes people are difficult and that is the real world and we will, through the LEADER Model, show you how to do that, how to coach people in that environment.

If you are interested why would you not want to reach out to us. It is the only model we know that has been specifically designed for your context. So if you do know how to do it and how to do it well reach out to us right now.