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Great leaders and great managers know what they are good at, but they also know where they need to grow.

Posted by Julia Milner on May 17, 2018 in Blog

When people first find themselves in a leadership position the tendency is to focus on the broader group, the people you are leading, the team you are managing, your colleagues your peers even the people you report to.  As human beings we have a tendency to focus outwards and we often forget to focus on ourselves, the reality is you will never be the optimal leader or manager you can be if you don’t start to focus on yourself first.  

The skills, the knowledge, the training you have had has got you to where you are now.   However to move forward in your leadership journey you need to learn new skills, you need to stretch yourself, challenge and push yourself.

There is a tendency these days for people to talk about strengths and people say you should focus on strengths and only strengths, but hey lets be honest sometimes you have to get better at things that you are not good at.  There are times where you even have to get better at things that you don’t like doing. If you want to move to the next level, and we all know that whatever level you are at there is a next level,  if you want to go there you have got to challenge yourself to do things that you would not normally find comfortable and easy to do. Thats what growth looks like!

Indeed great leaders and great managers know what they are good at, but they also know where they need to grow.  I know it is not easy, we are really good at looking at others and judging others encouraging others to see the areas that they need to get better at, but sometimes it is hard to look in the mirror and say “hey you know what I know I can do better in this area”.  If you really want to go to that next level, then that includes being honest with yourself.

So what can you do about that?  Investing in a coach or mentor can provide you with that person who holds the mirror up to you and says “hey but in this area you need to improve”. 

For a lot of new leaders it is about finding someone else who can be truly honest and fearlessly challenge you to be the optimal leader that you can possibly be. 

Are you courageous enough to do that?