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International Centre for Leadership Coaching

The ICLC’s mission is to equip management with the very best of leadership solutions to grow themselves, their team and the organisation.

Consulting, Training & Coaching

Organisations today are looking for stronger leadership. The ICLC’s mission is to equip management with the very best of leadership solutions to grow themselves, their team and the organisation. We have extensive experience working with organisations in a wide variety of fields. This includes but is not limited to, client operating in the finance, insurance, automobile, media, telecommunication sectors, health, sport and education arenas. We provide consulting and training that gives leaders a practical skill set building upon their current expertise. But we also recognise that your individual circumstances will vary and we are excited to work with you to ensure the training meets your needs.

Renowned international leadership and coaching experts from both industry and academia who have a global perspective make up the team at ICLC. We have won awards for our work and are affiliated with leading Australian, European and American Universities. We are passionate about providing high quality inspirational training and development initiatives. Our solutions involve face-to-face training as well as online courses.

ICLC’s bespoke coaching training
International Centre for Leadership CoachingCoaching is very fast becoming the new leadership style that organisations are demanding. Current coaching courses offer a generalist coaching approach. The style and challenges of the coaching manager is, however very distinct to other coaching roles. At ICLC our coaching training programs have been designed specifically to address today’s leadership challenges.

We have been approached by organisations to create tailored managerial coaching courses. These programs have been aimed at developing individual coaching capacity to become effective leaders. Amongst our leadership team we have trained thousands of managers in coaching skills.

Alongside our reputation for providing world class coaching and coach training ICLC can also assist you with your leadership development needs.

Operating on a truly global scale ICLC provides leadership development programs that can be tailored to suit your individual organisational and cultural requirements. Our experience of delivering services in Australia, China, India, Thailand, Germany and the USA to name a few, means that we can work with you ensuring you’re able to adapt to a global market place.

For those organisations wanting a truly comprehensive and sustainable package. We are happy to combine our two core specialities. Creating an individually designed leadership development program, supported by ongoing coaching to assist with implementation issues

At the ICLC our professional team would be delighted to make your training and development initiatives a truly first class experience. Please contact us with your requirements and we will contact you promptly.

Coaching How to LeadCoaching: How to Lead

Our latest book on the ‘Leader as Coach’ is out now.

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